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1100 - Another Day at the Office 3

At long last, I’ve finally done another episode of 1100. It’s been killing me that the Planes, Trains, and Automobiles episode was the most recent episode. I’m not sure what happened there, but I really need to redraw that episode. It’s kinda painful.

Anyway, I came up with the idea for this episode back when I live in the world of Tech Support. Being constantly asked the same questions (despite inundating customers with documentation which explained step by step solutions) created one or two daydreams of my own.

This is a more detailed strip than I usually do. As part of an effort to write and draw every day, I’ve been working on this one for several days. The image is also a good deal more nuanced than a lot of previous episodes. Notice that the barbarian warior and Patch are in the same pose? Didja see that the barbarian’s axe handle looks suspiciously like a giant pencil?

Still no color because I felt like I already spent more time on this one than I feel any one episode really warrants, but I would be willing to consider coloring an episode or three if folks were interested. So… interested? Let me know in the comments section.