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3 Minute Portraits

I’ve done another set of 3 minute portraits. To see who these three are based on, click here for for the reference images.

While we’re on the topic of quick portraits, I have a new project in mind. These 3 minute portraits are great for scratching my ‘don’t want to focus for too long on one thing’ mindset, but not so great for catching true likenesses. With that in mind, I’m thinking that 5 minutes should do the trick. Today it occurred to me that a large collection of such portraits would make for an interesting gallery showing. Perhaps interesting enough to warrant my first public show.

How many would I need to create to warrant a show? Well, I got to thinking that 1 work week’s worth should do the trick.

40 hours / 5 minutes per portraits =480 portraits.

Yeah – that’s a lot of portraits, but you don’t get better without practice so I guess it’s time to practice. A lot.

I’ll post more about that soon.