Artistic Anatomy for Fantasy Figures – The Beginning

A collection of fantasy based character portraits including a human, a kobold, an elf, a halfling (with his cat), and a half elf.

So the idea is simple enough – I want better ‘how to draw’ examples for fantasy figure artwork.

I mean, there are more How-To books on drawing fantasy characters than anyone could really use in a lifetime, but the amount of duplicate information? The quality of that information (and the related examples)?

I’ll take a moment here and check myself. While I think there could be better, the artists / writers behind those works at least finished their works and got them published whilst I am here just starting out on the journey. So perhaps I should shut my pie hole and learn a bit first.

Okay, so let’s take another approach: I would like to dive into the sort of details and types of information that I would like to know if I was just starting out drawing fantasy characters and monsters.