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How to Draw DwarvesI get the comment “Boy I wish I  could draw like you – but I can’t even draw a stick figure!” all the time. I’ve come to expect it as people’s second response to my drawings every time. It’s for this reason that I’ve long been thinking about doing a series of how to draw posts.

Taking a queue from Rad Sechrist’s How To Blog (which I am absolutely addicted to – and can’t recommend highly enough) I would like to offer my perspective on how to do individual tasks in illustration.

A particular piece of anatomy giving you a hard time?

Trying to figure out how to compose an image?

Don’t know what to do with your color scheme?

Then just ask me.

I can’t promise you the ‘right way’ to do it (though anyone who does clearly doesn’t understand art) but I will happily tell you how I would do it, along with some diagrams to show the process.