Bah is the New Meh

Bah - it's the new Meh.

A long time ago, one of my brothers (and some of his friends) took to using the term ‘bah’ when texting each other. This was… maybe a decade ago? Maybe more. Anyways, I asked him why they were using it and his response was just a shrug and “It’s the new ‘meh’.”

I found this hysterical for some reason. So much so that here we are, all these years later, and I decided to do a single panel ‘comic’ with the concept.

It’s okay – you can say it.


2 comments to “Bah is the New Meh”
  1. stopped by at random to look at your art, and this really made me laugh. Isn’t “Bah” more dismissive than “meh?”
    “Do you want a cup of coffee?”
    “Meh.” (I can take it or leave it)
    “Bah.” (I refute your offer. A pox on your coffee. Fie!)

    • Awww – thanks!

      I agree – I do think Bah is more dismissive than Meh. Of course, as I get older, more set in my ways, and generally more of a grump, I suspect that makes it more… probable? Emotionally accurate? Something like that. ;P
      mrlich´s last blog post ..Bah is the New Meh

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