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Cassiel the Halfling Ranger

So I’ve been browsing Reddit again. Found this request for a ranger, and while I only had a few minutes to doodle, I thought I would give it a shot.

This was the description from the client:

“So he is Cassiel and he’s weilding a light crossbow to eventually tame a wolf as his companion.

His backstory is quite dark, and he’s grown to be a grumpy recluse and his background is outlander –> exile (self exiled) and here’s his backstory

I haven’t found a single image online that combines the following elements:

  • Male halfling quite old.
  • Grumpy~esque woodsman. Possibly menacing.
  • Weilding a light crossbow.
  • Wearing leather armor and hooded (maybe).”

Done with Procreate, of course. Almost entirely with the pencil (sketch) tool. I threw in some dashes of airbrush to darken the deeper corners of his eyes and hood.

You can find more sketches like this in my sketchbook gallery.

Maybe I’ll post the video later…