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ethansuplee-my-nameisearl Another character from My Name is Earl – the ever lovable Randy, played by Ethan Suplee.

I dropped back to the 5 minute limit for this one, but while I made his face too round (see the reference photo here) I did find some features that I felt helped to improve the likeness factor – namely the ‘eyebrow dents’ and the mouth gesture.

Suplee does a great job making the character just plain lost, and I was pleased that the portrait seemed to capture that.


Another of the characters on the show is the lovely Catalina played by Nadine Valazquez.

Alright – I’m just going to say it. I don’t like to get all ‘fanboi’ in general, but I think Miss Valazquez is just downright stunning. Problem is that this makes it all the more frustrating when I don’t feel like I got her portrait to look like her.

Yes, I had some technical difficulties with my tablet when I was trying to draw her.

No, that’s not a euphemism.

But really? Wish I’d gotten this one to look a bit more like the reference photo. Maybe I’ll try again down the road.