Eve the 14 year old human assassin

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RPG Character Portrait - Eve
Character from Reddit – Eve – Human Assassin

My most recent character portrait from reddit’s r/characterdrawing. The character’s name is Eve. She’s a 14 year old human assassin.

This is the description I received:

Full Name:Eve (persona)
Race/Ethnic Group:Human
Class/Occupation:Rogue. Assassin
Character Nature:D&D 5e PC

Gender: Female
Age: 14
Facial Features: Long white hair, yellow eyes. Neutral expressions
Significant item: Decorated Dagger (rigid shape & strange markings)
Body Type: Slim and small (4″9)
Color Scheme: Black, white, gold
Gear: Black hooded cloak/cowl, Black sleeveless shirt, black fingerless armsleeves/ arm wraps, black pants, black boots with black greaves, possibly a mask used to hide her face(EX. Japanese Oni Mask)….can make additions if you believe it would look better (not picky)
Action/Pose: Crouched, fighting stance dagger, one hand and possibly short sword in the other
Others: Is rumored to be a demon that lives off bloodshed, but is an innocent girl framed for her parents murder

Here’s the first stage of rough sketch – to get the form / pose figured out.

It’s very light (sorry about that) and super simple. This are very ‘loose’ here, and will get refined over the iterations of the drawing.

And lastly, we have a middle stage where I worked out most of the costume / prop elements which will then get refined further during the digital ‘inking’ process.

For any who are curious – the original reddit post is here.