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Half Orc Fighter Male Taburk

I’ve rolled up my first Dungeons & Dragons character in… well, a very long time. Meet Taburk the half orc fighter. Level 1. Hey, just because he’s a n00b doesn’t mean I have to make him look like a n00b.

If I get a chance, I’ll take him for a spin on the pick up sessions being played over on the Silver Strings Discord Server set up by the folks of the Tabletop Champions Podcast.

Speaking of the TTC folks. Those of you with keen memories will remember that I recently did some character portraits for them. Well, they’ve added t-shirts with my artwork to their storefront! Check them out or pick up one of their Pride shirts and a portion of the proceeds benefits goes to benefit PFLAG in celebration of Pride 2018! Find the Tabletop Champions Storefront here – and tell them MrLich sent you.