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  1. Kenari Sanura is a leopard catfolk slave from the desert world of Mulhorand. She was saved from a life of slavery by the Cult of Bast, but her new ability to read and her penchant for adventuring in tombs soon led her to a life beyond the desert.

    Thanks to her new found friends she has now adventured across the stars in a haunted Hammership as she searches for her goddess and a place in the universe.

    Here is a link to a portrait I did of her: http://syreene.deviantart.com/art/Kenari-Sanura-178023617

    I would love to see your take on my character!

  2. She’s a Buddhist, pinup singer, mildly trendy, rocker, bluesy, but sweet and caring.. tough exterior… maybe slightly ninja… lol.. 🙂 And, go!

  3. This isn’t my character, it’s my villain (I’m the GM).

    A mighty genie that tricked a group of adventurers into switching places with him. He has an aversion to chains and slavery. He’s tall, a good 8 feet or so. Muscled, but not overly so and still a little heavyset around the waste. He has crafty eyes that are always looking to take advantage. Draped in finery, but in such a way that emphasizes his stature. He has a reddish skin tone and a well groomed beard and mustache. On each wrist hangs a shattered magical manacle.

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