Orc Head Illustration

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Orc Head Illustration

A while ago, I spent a bit of time focusing on how to create goblins for the card game I’m developing. I really enjoyed the process of breaking down a creature race, so I thought I would do it again.

While this isn’t for the card game specifically, I thought I would undertake the concept design of orcs. Break them down and create ‘my’ version. Something I could refer back to. Perhaps even do a few species and combine them into a manual of sorts. Demihumans for Dummies (and a Guide for the Rest of Us) or something.

Anyway – this is my first step in that process – orc heads! They’re not meant to be detailed or a ‘unique character’ at all – just an archetype to start from when working on other illustrations. Next, I’ll work on the body forms.

Image done entirely in Open Canvas on my Wacom Cintiq.