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Work in Progress

I’m (very slowly) rebuilding a world map from an old bitmap I made using a program by Bruce Gulke called WildMapper. For this new incarnation, I decided to make it a vector based image so I could print it as large as I like. So I’m using Graphic by Picta on my iPad. It’s slow going, but mostly because I’m learning how to use Graphic as I go. I’ll say this for the program – it’s doing everything I want it to do. And what’s more, as with most vector based programs, it’s handling tasks that would be very difficult in a bitmap based application.

This is the original map from WildMapper.

It’s funny, but I miss WildMapper. It was very lightweight and simple, but I think it did a decent job. Graphic was not really meant to do what I’m doing with it, but it’s definitely getting the job done. It will be better when I start crafting some icons for things like mountains, hills, forests, etc.

I may try to craft some of those icons elsewhere. Perhaps Google Slides or Google Drawings since I’ve been having so much fun in those lately and yes, they do export SVG graphics!