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Dock Urchin

Another Reddit user request. u/NaHatBox posted a request for their OC “Nemmy” – a young girl abandoned on the docks. NaHatBox does a better job of describing her than I could, so here’s their description – copied for convenience sake (i.e. – I didn’t write this):

Name: Neremnes “Nemmy” Erdsin
Occupation: Mischievous child
Character’s race: Race of Man

Notable features: Short for age, but slender – if not underweight. Brown hair, bright blue eyes. Nemmy is 14 years old, carrying a beauty that hasn’t quite set in yet. Instead she has a cheeky expression and genuine grin, always thinking up of more trouble to make. Her hair is long and has many small braids through it.

Character’s equipment: Nemmy wears either a ground-length dress, red
and white, or a blue and white tunic with black leggings (feel free to pick either one of these, or change it up a bit to make it look nice đŸ™‚ . If she’s wearing the tunic, it looks somewhat worse for the wear, though two simple belts around her waist offer some hints that someone may be giving her gifts every so often. She grew up with sailors, so she -could- be holding a sailor’s hat, wearing sailor’s boots that are clearly too big for her and/or wearing a captain’s cloak. Pretty much like a girl who’s taken clothes from experienced sailors. If you do choose to give her a cloak, could it please also have a really fancy looking cloak-pin? Again, like it’s been taken from someone whose entire life has been on the ocean.

Character’s companion: If you like, a cat always follows her around on the docks. Doesn’t matter what colour – your choice, but it looks oddly well fed.

Character’s backstory: Nemmy grew up on the docks of a port city called Otalis. She was left where she was by her parents, who prompltly left her, unwanted, to be found by someone else. She is cheeky and harshly spoken, and is not very cultured or respectable, but she has a good heart. She takes no one’s crap though!

I decided to go with the simplest version of Nemmy I could – for 2 reasons:

  1. This was a freebie. I needed to keep the time I spent on her minimized. And, sadly, simple = faster.
  2. I figured (given her description) that she’s not likely to be carrying around a lot. The other possesions she has are likely to be hidden somewhere safe so she can stay as light and fleet of foot as possible.

Like the colors? Hate that I left most of the sketch lines in? See something you would have done differently? I’d love to hear about it below!