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hey you guys

The Idea

I love games – always have. I think it’s about time I created my own. I have a day job, so I don’t need to make money on this, and (let’s face it) at least the first round isn’t likely to be amazing, so why not make it free?

It will start out as a fantasy based game, but future incarnations/expansion packs will likely be from other genres. Horror? Sci-Fi? Western? Sure – why not!?

The Order of Things

  1. I’ll create a basic mechanic and then some cards to play.
  2. Once I have those works out, I’ll create a downloadable PDF to be printed to standard inkjet printable business cards. As an example – here’s an Avery product that’s available at most office supply places.
  3. You download the PDF, print it to your own ‘business cards’ and you’re ready to play.

At least that’s the idea.

Want to Help?

I would love to get some beta testers involved before I post it for public consumption. Want to be a part of that team? By all means – just fill out the form below. (And thanks in advance!)


Quick note: just a quick update to mention that this card game now has a much improved name: Relics!