Head Shapes Template Stage 3

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I know that one of my own artistic weaknesses is my habit of doing the same characters over and over in the same poses and with the same facial expressions. I get comfortable with something and I stay in that comfort zone. So what better way to improve than create a simple exercise to stretch that comfort zone a little.

And so I present the Head Shapes Template:

Head Shapes Template

The idea was pretty basic. Use a variety of head shapes exclusively to create different characters. I say exclusively, because I wanted to use the same features. The point here was just to see how varied the character can be based solely on how the head is shaped.

I made the shapes in the template above fairly light so that you can use it as an illustration exercise if you would like. If you don’t have the tools to work digitally, the lines should be light enough that a printed page would work with pencil/pen over top.

Below are the progressive shots that I produced. All work done on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

Head Shapes Template Stage 2 Head Shapes Template Stage 3

And lastly: the final image.

Head Shapes Template Stage Finish

(This is just an exercise, so it’s still obviously rough, but I hope you enjoy!)

Now try your own. Take the template an design your own faces based on the head shapes. Post the results (or links) in the comments. I’d love to see what you come up with!