Dwarven Female Warrior

Dwarven female warrior.

A somewhat rare thing – a colored sketch. I’m really trying to focus on color and lighting, so I’m practicing as much as I can.

I’ve got a dark/rainy morning, so while I was waiting for the skies to clear up (or at least brighten a bit) I had some Denny’s (addicted to their skillets) and did this.

I approached it a little bit differently than my usual process. The process for this one broke down to:

  1. Sketch layer with ‘pencil’.
  2. Flats
  3. Hilights / shadow layers.
  4. Bold ‘pen’ layer to separate forms.

The extra sharp among you will notice the lack of my usual ‘ink’ layer which normally would have fallen at 1.5. I found it really did speed things up quite a bit. Granted, it’s a very simple image, but I got all the way from initial sketchwork to finished colors in 2 hours. Faster (so long as quality doesn’t suffer) = better, so I’m going to try this more often, for sure.

Of course, this wouldn’t work quite as it is for my paper mini template, but if someone wanted her to use, it would be easy enough for me to cut the tree away.