The daily art prompt list I created for October 2020.

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So I’ve decided to do my own illustration prompts list in October. This idea isn’t new, of course. Many (including myself) have done Inktober over the years, and some have decided to create their own list of prompts.

I liked the idea and built out my own list of prompts.

I split the list up into a few categories:

  • Maps
  • Villains
  • Items
  • Locations
  • Creatures / Monsters
  • Heroes

and I split those categories up into weeks. The first week in October is only three days long, so that’s where I put the maps. From there, I mixed things up so that I would ‘eat that frog’ by putting the locations and items in the middle and before I get the ‘treat’ of drawing the heroes.

The beauty of this is that I’ll be building out Aerith for my own enjoyment / experience, and who knows? Maybe it will become a thing somewhere down the road. đŸ™‚

I’ll be posting my progress on this Twitter thread, or here on the site with a bit more information / behind the scenes.

One last note: if any of you decide to join in, please let me know and use the hashtag #FWBO (Fantasy World Building in October). I’d love to see what you create!

For your ease of navigation, here’s the list of prompt and I’ll link to each as I post them individually:

1Map – World
2Map – Region
3Map – City
4Villain – Nemesis
5Villain – Henchman
6Villain – The Fanatic
7Villain – The Bruiser
8Villain – The Anti-Villain
9Villain – The Warped
10Villain – The Supernatural
11Item – The Great Relic
12Item – The Tiny Thing w/ a Big Impact
13Location – Extreme Weather Location
14Location – Unusual Location
15Location – Swamp Location
16Location – Subterranean Location
17Location – “Up High”
18Creature – Dragon!
19Creature – Undead
20Creature – Large, Natural
21Creature – Small, Natural
22Creature – Sea Serpant
23Creature – Goblin
24Creature – Giant
25Hero – Young Hero
26Hero – Anti-Hero
27Hero – Reluctant Hero
28Hero – Tragic Hero
29Hero – The Peoples’ Hero
30Hero – The Unexpected Hero
31Hero – The Failed Hero