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sketchwork from open figure drawing studio Feb 7th, 2011

Open Figure Drawing Studio – Wilmington DE

I have to say that I am beyond thrilled to report that the Delaware Art Museum is having Open Figure Drawing Studio time every 1st and 3rd Monday evenings of each month. Find more information on their website (scroll down – it’s under the ‘drawing and painting’ subsection.

I’ve only been to two sessions, but I’m really looking forward to number 3, and I feel like I can see a marked improvement just since the first session. It’s long past time I got back to the basics. I have a feeling this will greatly improve my work overall.

If you’re in the area, and like to draw figurative work, I can’t recommend this highly enough.


So the combination of images above (sorry about the crappy camera phone ‘scans’) was assembled in Aviary in my Chrome browser session. I’m always interested in checking out new technologies – especially when it comes to digital art, and that’s what Aviary provides: free, comprehensive creative tools – all right in your browser. There’s an app for it in the Chrome App Store, and  I have to say that it works pretty well. There’s some bugs to be worked out, and this is clearly a ‘young’ product, but the potential of this thing is amazing.

I use Google Docs pretty much exclusively for my personal document editing, and the idea that there will soon be a creative suite to match it is just awesome! You can bet I’ll be watching this one closely.