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digital art flow The Idea:
I realized that there’s about a million and one tutorials out there for the visual arts. Enough that I’m not going to link to anything here – a simple Google search will handle that nicely for anyone who cares to look.

The problem is the fact that it seems like 75% of those tutorials are on How to Color Using Cell Techniques or How to Draw Anime Eyes. Now don’t get me wrong – it’s perfectly delightful that folks are creating tutorials on these subjects, but it got me thinking: there’s got to be stuff that people want to know, but can’t find online.

The Question:

Is there something that you would like to see in a tutorial that you haven’t seen already? Is there some aspect of drawing or painting? Composition? Perspective? or something that I haven’t even thought of that you would like to know more about by way of tutorial?

If so, just reply here and I’ll see what I can do about that. đŸ™‚