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The new and improved(?) Realms of Aerith

Okay, so I’m not off to a great start if I’m honest. I took the original map of Aerith and tried to make it look ‘3D’, but not in a real way. I traced it (sorta) and stretched the southern end of the map while pinching the top end.

The bottom line is that I was trying to do too much in an hour’s time, and I was already focused on Day 2 since I was playing catch up after missing Day 1.

Like I said – I wasn’t off to a great start.

Still, it was an interesting idea, and I may revisit it later. We’ll see.

This post is part of my Fantasy World Building in October series. If you found your way here by accident, but would like to find out more about the series, go here to see the ‘starter post’ and links to the individual entries for the entire month in a single place.