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Yeah. I know. Those colors are pretty glaring. The font, while great for my site etc, is not great for labeling maps. And, and, and…

I gave myself an hour, and I think I went over it.

Still, I learned some things. I started thinking on a more regional scale. I know that should be obvious, but when you’ve looked at a world map for long enough, it seems kinda tough to get down into anything smaller.

I started thinking about how neighboring cities / regions would interact. Queensguard is the the capital of the continent, so I started thinking about the ‘why’.

This was all while I was figuring out how to do cartography in Procreate on my iPad (my weapons of choice).

The best news is that I know things now that will change how I would do things in the future, and really, that’s what this is all about – growth – even if it comes with a side of pain thanks to glaring colors.

This post is part of my Fantasy World Building in October series. If you found your way here by accident, but would like to find out more about the series, go here to see the ‘starter post’ and links to the individual entries for the entire month in a single place.