Armel Oakroot - Gnome Magic User and Mascot

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Here’s a little something I did recently for a client who plans to create how-to videos for native Spanish speakers. A new tool to help folks get started with Dungeons & Dragons 5e, since he said there’s not much in the way of Spanish language resources.

I love the idea, so we hashed out his ideas for a ‘mascot’ of sorts. A friendly face to help walk people through the videos.

The client knew what they were looking for, more or less, so I just drew up some minor variations on a theme and asked them to pick the one they liked best (or combine elements to fit their wants) and we were off to the races!

They asked me to add a spellbook, and if it wasn’t too much trouble, could I make it reference 5e in some way?

No problem!

After that final approval, I completed the image you saw at the start of this post.

Great client, and I enjoyed the work. I hope to work with them again in the future. I love when folks are invested in the project like this, and provide feedback along the way. It’s always nice to know if I’m getting things right, or if I have some tweaking to do.