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Bu-Zall Half Orc Paladin Lately I’ve been all about new sources of inspiration for drawing. Starting with my NPC Randomizer and now the /r/characterdrawing subreddit.

This is Bu-Zall, a half orc paladin created by one of the users on the subreddit. Their description was:

“Name: Bu-Zall
Occupation: Paladin of Lathander, Oath of Vengeance (D&D 5e), smiting the undead as penance
Notable Features: Athletic, 6’10”, broad shoulders, head shaved on the sides, top pulled back into a small bun, blue eyes,
Character’s Race: Half-Orc, civilized from his human upbringing
Character’s Equipment: A brass maul “Lightbringer” (from LMoP but changed from a mace to maul) Full plate armor with a poorly painted sunrise on the chest, no helmet.
Character’s backstory: Bu-Zall was raised by his mother on her family’s farm for much of his early life, until the townsfolk were concerned that he might turn out to be more orc than half-orc. One storming of the farm angry villager style later leaves momma dead and Bu-Zall in a furious rage, which he takes out on the townsfolk killing quite a few of them before running off into the forest alone. Seeking forgiveness, Bu-Zall lives a life of solitude caring for the creatures of the forest. Lathander comes to Bu-Zall in the form of a sunrise and instructs him to serve his penance by taking his rage and anger, and using it to purge the land of the undead.”

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