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Face Tutorial 1 Final So last time we got the bare basics of the ‘generic human head’ laid out. This time we’ll go into a little more detail. When you finish today’s lesson, you’ll have a recognizable human face.

Taking the basic foundation that we created in the first phase, we start by fleshing out some of the basic features of the face.

Drawing the Human Face Tutorial 2 - Step 1 Each of the basic features are easy enough to add now that we’ve marked out where they all go. Using those landmarks we created for the center of the eyes, nose, and mouth, we can give ourselves additional guidelines.

From the interior of the eyes, we can draw light lines straight down to the outer edges of the nostrils. Simply extend the mark we created to show the base of the nose to these new width markers.

Drawing a line from the center point connecting the horizontal and vertical mid lines through the outer edges of the nostrils, we give ourselves a rough basis for the exterior end points of the mouth.

Drawing the Human Face Tutorial 2 - Step 2 Here we see that the space between the interior points of the eyes should be roughly one eye width apart.

The green guidelines also show us where the top center point will be for the cheek bones. The critical point here is to continue to use the existing information that we have to find the locations of features we have not yet marked. Keeping our focus on this will help immensely when working on portraiture in the future.

Let’s remove those guidelines and see what we’ve got. It’s starting to look like an actual human face! Now it’s time to start adding some more defining features.

Drawing the Human Face Tutorial 2 - Final

This post is a part of the work I’m doing as my entry in both NaNoWriMo and NaNoDrawMo 2011. I would love to get your thoughts on this post or any of the others in the series. Feel free to comment following this post or email me.
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