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Female Goblin As I’m going through the process of drawing goblins for the card game, I thought I might write up the how of my drawing the critters. You may remember that I did a goblin concept page for the design of goblins recently. This post continues that idea – including female goblins.

Female Goblins

Similar in height to their male counterparts, the females are not without their distinctions. Like many other humanoid species, the female goblins have wider hips and more narrow torsos to their male counterparts.

The females of the goblin race like to adorn themselves with jewelry. The more, the better, and there does not appear to be any ‘norm’ for what constitutes quality.

While still having hairless heads, the rest of the female goblin bodies tend to be more hairy than the males. Specifically in the armpits and pubic areas. The females are very proud of this hair.

Goblin Female

Warts are another point of cosmetic pride for female goblins. So much so that they are known to create false warts by using insect carcasses, mucus, or (in truth) anything they can find that might fit the bill.

Like the males, the clothing worn by female goblins (and the aforementioned jewelry) is frequently based on communal standing and/or position held within the group. These titles are usually profession based and thus a blacksmith might be found in a leather apron. A merchant in finer garb to impress potential buyers.

In most other ways, the females are generally indistinguishable from the males.