Human Druid Character Portrait from Sketchmob

Human Druid Character Portrait

A simple (in design) character portrait for one of my favorite clients on Sketchmob. He previously requested a portrait of his cleric character, and now, the druid.

I really love it when clients send me reference images that really show what their looking for. In this case, he even took a selfie to demonstrate the pose he wanted for his druid. That, my friends, takes the guess work out of things for me. The fact that he’s always nice to deal with on top of it? He’s spoiling me for other clients!

The description I was given for the character:

Human male druid with curved shashka (a Russian sabre) in right hand. Holding torch aloft in left hand peering into the darkness as he think he saw something. Sachel with spell components sling over shoulder. Sickle jammed in belt.

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