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Okay, okay. Yes. I’m backdating this post. I meant to post this collection of my 2018 Inktober images back when I finished them, but… well… I didn’t.

I ‘won’ for the first time this year! I got all 31 images done.

I also kinda cheated (depending on your view of such things) in pretty much every way.

  • I work digitally in a couple of cases.
  • I stretched the theme pretty far in a couple.
  • I finished after October was over.

I’m okay with all of the above. To my way of thinking, Inktober like it’s sibling NaNoWriMo is more about endurance than it is about specifics.

I finished the images while keeping up on the paid client work, so I’m calling it a win.

At any rate – here’s the collection all in one place:

These are also available over on my Instagram account, but they’re a bit jumbled with some other stuff.