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Krampus! My buddy Pirate is a big fan of the Krampus (among others in his amazing tale The Long Yuletide War) Every year about this time, he mentions the Krampus and I find myself thinking about the character, its origins, and how there’s just not enough Krampus in the world today.

This time he gave me a concept via Instagram and it immediately made me think pin-up.

So here we are.

I needed a break from the card art anyway. Something brief, but at least a little different from the goblins and magis that I’ve been doing.

Something to ‘wash the mental artistic pallet’ if you will.

Anyway, it’s just a doodle, needs a lot of work, and will likely never get it, but I thought it was fun and a bit different from my usual thing while not  venturing off into completely unknown territory.

If you would like a little more info on the Krampus (like perhaps why this image is a touch risque) then check out the Wikipedia article on it. While you’re there, consider donating to Wikimedia. Those folks do some amazing work, and we all benefit from it, so why not. They’ll just just about any amount…

As usual, it’s done with my Galaxy Note 8 and Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro.

I’ve started thinking about it as my X-Mas eCard. Do people still do eCards? Is that still a thing?