Lacrosse Monsters

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Lacrosse Monsters - illustration of a minotaur and a satyr as lacrosse players.
Lacrosse Monsters

As a thank you to my Patreon patrons, I offered up some free character portraits. My brother made a request for my nephews. Mixing my tastes (fantasy) with my nephews’ (lacrosse) he suggested two creatures – a minotaur for the eldest who plays with uncanny strength and fortitude, and a satyr for his brother who plays with tremendous speed and agility.

First up, we have the minotaur. The sketch stage went surprisingly quickly here. I kinda knew what I was looking for from the image, and I really enjoy the gesture of his hands. Such a nonchalant “What? Should that impress me?”

Sketch of a minotaur lacrosse player.

I love when things go smoothly like that right out of the gate. It always seems like a sign of good things to come. Next up, the inks! Here too, I found the character ‘spoke to me’ making the process both fun and fast.

Digital inks of a minotaur lacrosse player.

And lastly, the colors:

Color illustration of a minotaur lacrosse player.

Next up, we have his brother, the satyr. I wanted something that just kinda screamed ‘fast’ and I think dropping him into a three point stance says that. Kinda gives him that ‘super hero landing’ feel.

Sketch of a satyr as a lacrosse player.

Once I’d settled in on his posture, I moved on into the digital ‘inks’ with Procreate on my old iPad Pro.

Digital inks of a satyr as a lacrosse player.

And you guessed it – lastly was the addition of color. I had to make a few minor adjustments here because initially, with all the lines in his face, I felt like the character looked… old. Smoothing his face out a bit by widening the areas of sunlight on it did the trick. I still don’t think he looks young per se, but young enough.

Color illustration of a satyr as a lacrosse player.

And lastly (for real this time) I decided to try the animation functions on Procreate out and give them a little gleam in their eyes. Because why not?!

Animated minotaur lacrosse player.
Animated satyr lacrosse player.