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The DesireIf you’re into role-playing, and want to try something a little different, check out the new storefront for my dearly beloved Nevermet Press. We’ve got our first product available to the public: The Desire. It’s a PDF filled to overflowing with original content for your campaign – all surrounding one primary villaness: Desiree Turpis – a madame whos cunning is only outmatched by her greed.

With everything from encounters to magic items to maps by some of the greatest RPG bloggers out there today, I can tell you that it would be money well spent if you just got the one PDF. However, one of the group was kind enough to create a second version of the PDF in portrait view with fewer graphics so that you can print out a copy without burning through an ink cartridge.

Go – check it out – enjoy. That’s what it’s there for! Also – if you want more content for your gaming sessions for absolutely FREE, check out the website here: