Announcing the Open Game Table Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs Volume 1.

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Open Game Table: The Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs Volume 1

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you Open Game Table – The Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs, Volume 1. It’s a compilation of the best blog/journal entries relating to RPGs, providing insight and advice to DMs and players alike. I like to think of it as the New England Journal of Medicine for gamers; it collects knowledge and experience from the people on the ground and presents them in book format for peers to learn from and refer to later.

I’ve held off making this anthology public knowledge because we didn’t have an ‘available to the public’ date. I didn’t want to taunt you nice folks with something so delightful only to say “I’ll tell you later when you can actually get it.” Seemed kinda cruel.

We have a date – March 23rd, 2009.

…a date that will live in infam… wha? Too much? Over the top?

Ok – ok, I just get a little excited when I talk about this project.

Why am I so stoked? Let’s see….

1. First and foremost, let’s be honest: I’m excited because three of my black and white drawings will be included in the anthology, part the wide spectrum of styles of art represented. I love knowing that I will soon be able to walk into my local gaming/hobby shop, pull a book off of the shelf, and flip through it to find my artwork. That’s a real thrill for Yours Truly.

2. This anthology is a book by gamers for gamers (forgive the cliché). It’s filled with tried and true gaming stuff that just. plain. works. That means far more to me than some faceless corporation spewing stuff out just to fill pages and their coffers.

3. I’ve just received news that the previews are already coming in and making us all blush with their enthusiasm. According to their editor, WIRED Magazine’s Geek Dad blog is planning to preview the book next week and then run a full review of the book on release day (which, in case you weren’t paying attention earlier is March 23rd). This is the kind of buzz that’s just what people hope for when they start a project, and it’s going to coincide with opening day.

4. Over the years, I’ve seen many project offers hit my plate, but none of them has ever come to fruition. I’m not claiming I’m perfect, but I often found the people requesting my participation in these projects lack the tenacity to see them to fruition. Their half-baked ideas dropped off as their everyday work world or life dramas got in the way. It’s frustrating to get motivated on a project just to watch it fizzle. The good news is that this just wasn’t the case here. This Open Game Table anthology is a quality product created by people who didn’t let time, frustration, or personal drama get in the way of the end game. Jonathan Jacobs, PhD (the man who created the project and compiled the book) is the sort of guy who gets the job done – calmly, methodically, and in a way that just oozes quality. He was a pleasure to work with, and I will gladly do so again if given the opportunity.

Ok – I’ll stop gushing, but in the end, I guess it’s simply a case of “Here’s this great product that is actually going to hit store shelves, and oh – did I mention? I’m in there.”

Makes a guy feel pretty damn cool.

If you’d like to learn more, check out Jonathan’s posts involving the Open Game Table .