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Ororo Monroe I’ve always been a fan of this particular X-Man. She’s been everything from a beggar thief to a goddess and finds herself fighting for the very people who fear and despise her for her difference. That’s a special kind of bad@$$ in my book.

The look is a bit of an amalgam of different elements over the years. I always liked her mohawk, and I don’t think that this particular format of her costume ever existed – I was just kinda making it up on the fly.

Now that I’ve had a little time away from this image, I’m looking at the costume and I think it needs more details in the boots and cape thing at least. Probably more.

She also needs more tones in her face.

This was my first real image done with my new iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil instead of my Cintique and Open Canvas. As such, I would say it’s not a bad ‘first try’.

Now I just need to do more!

If you would like to see the process for this image, check out the video below: