Petra’s Free Portrait

petraPetra asked that I use this small photo from her wedding. I like the shot, but blowing it up really did blow it out. Thus, I took a few liberties. That’s the down side to doing these portraits – I have some seriously beautiful friends and I get this sense that I’m not doing them justice.

RE: The greyscale ‘flats’ – I’m really enjoying them. Giving a sense of tone (while not taking an eternity of effort) has been pretty pleasing. Open Canvas does a great job of this in a process I’m thinking that I will document soon. For now, let it suffice to say that OC has a tool for creating lasso-filled-shapes. Combine that with layers at different opacities and you have virtually instant greyscale flats. Pretty cool imho.

This image was done as part of my free portraits project. Want to jump on board? Please read the original post, follow the instructions, and I’ll add you to the list!