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Retro Sailor Girl

The Lady and the Sea…

A while back, a friend of mine told me that a band she was helping to promote was getting a lot of search engine leads for “Retro Sailor Girl”. This led to a discussion on my style and how she thought I should make a stab at that very subject.

So today, a mere… year or three  after that discussion, I started sketching some rough ideas for the idea.

I also have a bit of a thing for the art nouveau movement and thought to myself “Why not add that to the mix?” which is why you may have noticed some nouveau elements to the sketch work on the left. I like the concept, and if time allows, I may just go ahead and create a poster once the image is complete.

I definitely need some better reference materials though. Doing this completely from my imagination is leaving quite a bit to be desired. I’m ok with that so far because I was just trying to get the rough idea down. Here I come, Google Images…

…and a Little Jason Lee

jason-lee-10-minuteAs part of my warm up process, I was doing some more fast portraiture. I feel like I’m making significant progress here, but I’m still a long way from where I want to be.

My buddy Mark and I talked about efficiency of line and that age old advice that every art instructor has tried to beat into my head: stop drawing sketchy lines – have some confidence, lay the line down, and move on.

You may have noticed – I just don’t do that. Confidence really is the key, and that will come with practice.

I took a luxurious (compared to my 3 and 5 minute portraits) 10 minutes to draw this one. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of My Name is Earl on Netflix, so I elected to use promo photos from the show for the portrait. The likeness seems solid, but it’s definitely still too sketchy.

Going to do some more of the My Name is Earl crew, so stay tuned…