Return to the Masquerade

I’ve uploaded a video of the process I used to create “The Masquerade” for Nevermet Press. Joe Trainor of the Joe Trainor Trio was kind enough to let me use their song Broken Circle as an audio track, and I think that it adds quite a bit to the video. Between the JT3 and the Industrial Jazz Group, I think that my videos are going to be at least as fun to listen to as they are to watch.

Speaking of which – what are you waiting for?

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  1. Very neat. I have high regard for anyone who can do what you did here. And hey, now I know about a new artist I could contact in the future. đŸ™‚

    • Haha! I only wish. No – if you browse the YouTubeses for a bit – look for things like “art tutorial” and that sort of thing, there’s a lot of folks out there doing pretty much what this is.

      I suppose that the difference with what I’ve been doing is simple enough: most folks seem to pick one of two options for their ‘art playback video’:
      * silence (they don’t bother with audio of any kind – usually these are completely unedited and really rough/boring unless the artist is really damn good) or
      * narration (the artist describes what they’re doing as a more tutorial style)

      I think that the art speaks for itself here, and if I can put some really fun music with it, that seems like the better choice than my boring narration.

      I’m really thrilled at the responses I’m getting from them though – it makes me really happy that folks are enjoying them as much as they seem to be.

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