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Designated Kill Model Mark-22



Update: I’ve added a process video showing how the image was done – check it out below!

Got to the airport early, and decided to do another request from Reddit as a warm up while waiting for my flight. I have some commission work to do, and this worked nicely to get the art flowing.

Protip: To those who might try to get free work done on Reddit: for me personally? When I’m looking through the requests, I’m looking for something a bit more unique to pique my interest. If you’re asking for a big human fighter (‘tank’) I wouldn’t hold your breath.

But something a little more interesting? That, I might be into. Like this one:

Hi guys, I have something a little different to request today. I play a robot cowboy with warforged gunslinger stats, his full name is Designated Kill Model Mark-22, but his friends call him KM or KM-22. He’s about 6’3″, and is made entirely of metal. He has a square head and one large blue slit for an eye, similar to the robot Chappie. His body is silver chrome and he wears a long brown leather duster, wide-brimmed hat, and a sheriff’s star with dwarven runes. He carries two bandoliers of bullets and a six-shooter at each hip. If someone even randomlly doodled him, I’d be eternally grateful as I have the artistic talent of a dead tree. Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

And check out the process video: