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Going for a SlideSo I’ve been woefully neglectful here. Sorry about that gang. No excuses – just on to the artwork!

Up first we have a sketch I did in my moleskine. I’ve been having fun playing around in the pocket sized sketchbook lately, and it’s quickly becoming a favorite tool (I’ve always loved moleskines) as its handy size makes it easy to keep on me even when I don’t want to carry my ‘murse’ around with me. Just the moleskine and my Space Pen (which is convenient because I can keep it in my pocket without poking myself in the leg) and I have everything that I need to get some sketching done.

black_canary_webThe color is a highlighter. I’ve been really enjoying the hell out of CrazyRed’s D&D Doodle blog. Often, his scans look like they’re done on post it notes and rough tones are added with highlighters. I know they’re not, but the idea got stuck in my head and I haven’t been able to rid myself of the idea. So I started doing it occasionally. Highlighters are not nearly as nice as something like the prismacolor pigment markers I normally use, but they are fun and slightly liberating to play with. For random goofy sketches in the pocket sketchbook? They work just fine.

Speaking of this hilighter-as-art-tool technique, I did the same with the Black Canary costume redesign on the right. I love Project Rooftop and their costume redesign contests. Their most recent – Canary on the Catwalk – is accepting redesigns of the Black Canary until April 4th. Hopefully I’ll get a better version than what we see here in before the deadline. In the meantime there’s a lot of work to be done for Nevermet Press.

dwarves_roughI’ve been really excited about a new direction that we’ve taken over at Nevermet Press. We’ve broken things down into 3 seperate campaign settings to build content within. One of these is Loaerth & Feywyrd. We’re building things from the ground up and that includes ‘who inhabit this world’? As an early foray into divinity, I created the sketchwork to the left as an example of the dwarven race native to L&F. We’ve since changed things up a bit and the species will be a bit more slender and even a bit taller.

It’s been really great riffing back and forth with the other content developers and watching as different races grow, change, and develop into fully playable species that are interesting enough for me to want to play myself. That really does seem like the surest sign that we’re doing something right.


The last two are more sketchwork for Nevermet Press. More details on them later as we bring them out into blog posts on the website, and or add them to downloadable products.