Sketchwork Uncle Sam


Uncle Sam Sketch

Just a quick sketch I did to get the feel of the famous image by James Montgomery Flag. I don’t wanna spill the beans just yet, but let it suffice to say that I needed to understand how this image was ‘assembled’, and I think that I did that. This sketch ‘came up short’ on a couple of things (not the least of which is the age of Uncle Sam – he’s too youthful), but I learned a lot and I don’t think that it’s too shabby for 15 minutes of sketch work. Tomorrow / later today I will be creating my own version. I’ll post the results here later.

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  1. very nice… before i start my rant again…..see if you can correct this web process flaw….i spent 15 minutes typing and pushed submit without doing the spam protection box……says error, push back button……i did……..and i came back to a BLANK leave reply box…….infuriating…how do you spell that or “really got me mad”

    i will try to reproduce my good story…

    i like the uncle sam sketch and want to see several versions…like uncle sam as…..illegal immigrant, rapper with backwards baseball cap, dirty harry, clint eastwood as cowboy, gay uncle sam, border patrol uncle sam saying to illegals…..”i want YOU….to step away from the border”

    uncle sam thinks that U will fit right in to the “U”S army

    that will do…..carry on soldier….gotta go

  2. Thanks all! I really enjoyed doing this, and it was a great exercise. I think that I need to do more of this type of thing in the future. A solid ‘prep image’ that isn’t the final image in order to work on things like layout and design elements.

    Thanks again for your kind words!

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