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Amy Houser's Cover for All Hallows Read Dear Friend,

I recently heard it said that Mother Teresa once  explained that despite a particular artist’s desire to help do the important work that Mother Teresa did, they (the artist) should go on helping to feed people in the way that only an artist can, for there are many kinds of famine in the world.

Every now and then I hope to highlight the independent artists out there that I personally think are well worth your investment. Check them out and I think you’ll find that you agree with me. These are the folks who are fighting the famine of the imagination. We should support that.

Thank you in advance,


PS – I should point out that I’m not making any money from this – these are just good, independent artists who deserve your attention and patronage.

First up, we have the ever talented Amy Houser. If those you are shopping for appreciate steampunk, fantasy, children’s books, or cameo portraits – Amy should be your first stop. She does an amazing job of maintaining the whimsical without making her images ‘cheesy’ or childish.