synDCon 4/2/2011

synDCon 2011synDCon

I will be attending synDCon on the morning of Saturday 4/2/2011 and will be stationed at the NevermetPress table. If you’re in the DC area, come on out and say hello!

This will be the first gaming con I ever attended, and the first of any kind of con that I attended as a ‘vendor’ (sorta), so to any/all of you pros out there – feel free to give me any tips and or tricks that you think would serve me well.

I’ll look forward to seeing you there!

Edited To Add: Super Lame Heroes

Over at his blog, Parka has started a new contest. It’s all about creating heroes with lame (but still supernatural) powers. I love the idea, and I think that I’m going to enter. That’s where you guys, my faithful minions, come in. I have a little bit of time before the contest deadline, so I thought I would pose the question to all of you – what lame (super) power do you folks think would qualify as the funniest? Leave me a note in the comments below. If I select your suggestion and we win, I’ll give you your choice – an original character portrait, or I’ll paypal you $20. (The winners of his contest get a book valued up to $40.)

3 comments to “synDCon 4/2/2011”
  1. The Carbonator
    This bush-league superhero is based out of Milwuakee, and is a staunch city-wide defender of carbonated beverages both alcoholic and civilian. Bad brewmasters and skulking soda syndicates, beware! The Carbonator foils nefarious industrial espionage plots of competing beer companies trying to make each others’ batches go flat before hitting their markets, and he brings justice to fast-food chain travesties where helpless soft drinks are cooped up in slave pens and drained for all their bubbles before being discarded in death pit dumpsters, syrupy versions of their former selves.

    Main (Lame) Superpower: “CO-tuned”
    The Messiah of Milwuakee has partial control over carbon dioxide molecules—specifically, the ability to control carbonation. He can bring flat drinks back to effervescent life, and likewise steal carbonation from, say, a villainous deathtrap that involves a tremendous amount of building pressure due to carbonation, like a giant beer vat about to go nuclear and wipe out an entire brewery and all of its innocent employees. Carbonation also “speaks” to the Carbonator. He understands what’s happened to drinks, and can determine who is responsible.

    Main (Just as Lame) Gear:
    The Carbonator carries a convoluted mad-science handgun at each hip that are basically high-pressure soda bottles with triggers and pressure settings. Around his futility belt he carries a number of carb-bombs…not to be confused with car bombs. These are little grenades that pack a CO2 wallop when detonated. Carried in a back holster is his Bottlerocket (ba-dum-bum). Think Boba Fett’s rocket pack, but fashioned like two upside down beer bottles surrounded by pipes, gauges and such—some kind of gear stolen from a microbrewery and miniaturized. It enables him to blast off in a haze of beer foam and make it across town to save the day in the nick of time.

  2. Crap, I forgot one important element: a sidekick! Bubbles is a chimpanzee with an old school clear fishbowl-type helmet, a mini Bottlerocket pack so she can keep up with the big guy, and carries a quiver of straws with which she can do a surprising amount of tricks. (They’re not just for blowdarts anymore.)

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