I'm back to tabletop gaming - and here's my character portrait to prove it!

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Dragonborn Warrior
The Dragonborn

So I got the chance to do a little tabletop gaming for the first time in… well… entirely too long recently. It was my first experience with 4th edition, and while I’m certain that this may get me banished in some circles, I found it kinda fun. A bit simple minded conceptually – features of one character class seemed to mirror (in effect) the features of another. This seemed to have a net effect of making no one class any more or less powerful than any other. I think that there could be an argument made for this type of gaming allowing for more focus on role playing, but maybe that’s just me.

At any rate, as I’m sure you can guess by the image to the left here, I played a dragonborn warrior. Appropriate – n’est-ce pas? I enjoyed the session, and the group that I got to play with was all very mature and handled situations which would have caused other groups to break down into petty in-fighting which tends to eat up time and just generally detract from the game – not to mention make me a little twitchy. It usually doesn’t take long before I’m headed for the door to ‘take care of that thing I forgot about’.

Who knows – if I keep playing with them, maybe you’ll reap the rewards of some more character portraits for each member of the party. There are worse things in life (I would hope.)