Tiefling Warlock Character Portrait

tiefling warlock character portrait

Today I did a little warming up by drawing a character from /r/characterdrawing.

I liked the combination of:

  1. Tiefling female
  2. Viking themed
  3. Lute playing warlock (not ‘draw them kicking ass everywhere or a badass spell casting’)
  4. Pear shaped (not ‘totally hawt, bra’)

What do you think? Does she work?

2 comments to “Tiefling Warlock Character Portrait”
  1. I would like a copy of this tiefling for my wall at my coffee bar,”Snowbeard’s” I am having hard time identifying what it is I love about it. Please understand I really am enthralled with this drawing. I hope you are willing to part with a copy. You can email me with a price and instructions on where to send the check. peace. Donny Barilla

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