Wacom Graphire

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Wacom Graphire

My original drawing tablet. I have fond memories of this tablet and its… what? 4×5 inch working space and 512 levels of sensitivity? Actually – that’s not entirely true. I remember being proud that I had one – I think it cost me $300 when I bought it, and back that? That was a lot of cash.

Still, despite the fact that I never had a PC that could handle the rigors of digital art programs, this got me started down the digital art path. I began to appreciate the value and efficiency of working digitally. You could change colors with a click rather than clean your brush, move to the new color, find out you hadn’t cleaned the brush enough…

I was hooked.

They sell the Bamboo now in place of the Graphire (though I think you can still find Graphire tablets on eBay and the like). If you have a little one at home at want to give them something with more accuracy than the ‘finger painting’ on your iPad, I really recommend them. They’re inexpensive and a great way to dip your toes in the water of digital art.