The release of the "We Want You" poster design for NeverMet Press.

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We Want You!
We Want You for the NMP!

Well kids, here’s the b&w(ish) version of a poster I did for NeverMet Press. I’m exceedingly proud to be a contributor in their new efforts, and I hope to have a lot of their products to show you in the near future with my art on the inside (and outside for that matter). Good (and smart) folks with great ideas on how to revolutionize the way that the Role Playing comunity gets fresh new material. Watch out world(s)… here they come!

Check out what the hubbub is about over at the Core Mechanic, where Jonathan Jacobs lays it all out

Also? If you’re a Twitterific type person, follow along at @nevermetpress

Anyway… more on the way, and yes, I’ll keep things posted here too. Here’s to starting something new!

(Yes, I noticed that I used the wrong sig file and it says ’08’ on it. It’s late. I’m tired. Cut a guy some slack fer cryin’ out loud…)