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Matt Lichtenwalner, Digital Illustrator, Artist, and Graphic DesignerMatt initially found art as a means of doing something – being somewhere – anywhere but where the schoolwork was. He valiantly pushed on through the years as teacher after teacher did their damnedest to break him down – to force him to… to… do his homework! By the time he had finished his school years, the armor he had built up to their offenses came in handy when next came – the Bosses!


For the first fifteen years of his life, Matt grew up on an Island in the Detroit River. It was there that he first *sniff* experienced heartache. He never did quite get over not having a Big Wheel™ like all the cool kids.

After moving to Pennsylvania, Matt made a new group of friends. They made him feel welcome – despite his third eye and his tendancy to spontaneously combust. He stayed there for a long time with his new friends. They even changed the fate of a restaurant or two.

When the time was (finally) right, Matt moved to Northern Delaware. He escaped the bookies (who clearly would never find this page) and found a new home with an old friend. He also found a new love. She is the source of his super powers.


Always one for a little bit of adventure, Matt likes to ride his motorcycle when he’s not leading special forces teams in assaults on terrorist strongholds. He also spends entirely too much time on his computer and referring to himself in the third person.

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Beauty is God, and art is the only true religion.