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…the Artist

Matt Lichtenwalner is a character illustrator originally from Grosse Ile Michigan. More recently, he calls Macungie, Pennsylvania home. He works almost entirely digitally and draws on inspiration from classic mythology, fairy tales, comic books, and a long history with tabletop role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons.

Matt can be found online at his website mrlich.com, his art site (dragonbones – where you are now) and at the following social media websites: Twitter (@mrlich), Mastodon (@mrlich@mastodon.art), and recently, TikTok (@mrlich).

Do you have a character you’d like to see him bring to life? You can check his availability for commissions here.

Don’t have something specific you would like to see, but you’d like to support his artwork or collect art to use at your personal RPG table? Check out his Patreon page at patreon.com/mrlich

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…Commissioning Work

Please see my contact form below and get in touch.

Feedback from clients:

“A great experience. Mrlich was easy to work with, quick to respond, paid close attention to details, and produced exactly what I was looking for!” ~Ninestone

“Great work! The artist communicated well at all stages and I love the end result.” ~Oharathesage

“Was very helpful, awesome suggestions and a beautiful outcome. Will commission again!” ~Randy Alexander

“I love how this piece came out. The artist paid careful attention to detail and crafted an original image that has a lot of life.” ~Oharathesage

“Did a Great job, we took it over a course of a few days where he gave me many options to choose from each day to help narrow how I wanted it to come out.” ~Wingcraftian

…the Site

This site is built with WordPress using a (lightly) modified version of the Surfarama theme (with any modifications by MRL).

Beauty is God, and art is the only true religion.

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You are welcome to use this form to commission an image or for any questions you might have. Thanks for contacting me!

Or, alternatively, I have been checking out Mastodon based sites lately, and you can find me on either Mastodon(Mastodon.art) or Mastodon(dice.camp). Please feel free to say Hi!