Temperate regions are where elves thrive the most. Lush green forests have provided the race of elves with their homes since time immemorial to all but the eldest, and if they recall where they lived before that, they aren’t telling.

Description of Elves and Their Physical Proportions

Generally speaking, elves are thinner than humans – more lean and sometimes even delicate in appearance. With their severe jawlines and long, pointed ears, they are easy to pick out of a crowd.

In temperate zones, elves generally have fair hair and skin.

Temperate Region Clothes and Elven Fashion

Elven Diets in Temperate Zones

Idea: elves are obviously good with fruits and vegetables, but people might not know how good they are with chocolates

They also seem to create breads and pastries in an almost effortless fashion.

Elven Weaponry for Temperate Regions

Architecture of Elven Homes of Temperate Zones

Elven Artwork

Excellent at working precious metals with magic which seems to be borderline blasphemous to dwarves.

Creatures Related to Elven Temperate Regions

Famous Elven NPCs