So, I consume a lot of art every day. All my social media, the various art gallery websites, and even *shock – gasp* in real life!

Our social media focused world has taught us that a quick click of a like / heart / whozawhatsits is sufficient thanks to artists for their hard work. I’m calling malarkey on that.

I also thought I would like to put more of my focus into the images that really stand out to me and study the why of my experiences with them.

So I’m starting a new ‘feature’ here at dragonbones. My plan is to post at least once a month, and here are my self imposed ‘rules’ for these posts:

  1. They have to credit and link back to the artist who I believe created them. (If you have a conflict with who I attribute a piece to, please contact me – I’ll happily look into it and do my best to correct any errors.)
  2. Explain what about the image drew me into it, and why it made the list for that month. This could be a style, a medium, or… just about anything.
  3. There is no three.

Just to start the ball rolling, here’s a piece I came across this morning by one of my all time favorites – Richard Whitters (@WhittersRichard on X).

I really love the image for several reasons:

  • It pays homage to Gary Gygax. You don’t do what I do without Gary Gygax doing what he did.
  • It’s fun and friendly while telling a great story about monsters.
  • The details are on point. Look at that adorable displaced kitten. The youthfulness and naivety of the troll is just *chef’s kiss*.

My sincere kudos (and thanks) to Mr. Whitters for sharing so much of his work over the years and (knowingly or not) teaching me a great deal about fantasy art.

This post is part of a feature series I’m working on here at to give credit and support to artists I think are doing exceptional work in fantasy themed art and illustration.

I’m open to suggestions if you think there’s something that I should see. Feel free to use the contact me form here on the site, and put “Inspirational Art Post” in the subject line so I don’t miss it!

If you believe I’ve attributed something incorrectly, or would like your work removed, please let me know by using the contact form here on the site, and put “Correction Request” in the subject so I don’t miss it!