The bust of a young blue dragon rearing back its head as if to strike.
The Young Blue Dragon Dominiralaerth Maruxragoth – Portrait Sketch

It’s been far too long since I’ve had some dragon themed artwork here on… you know…!

I’m still working on something that I can’t share most of the time, but tonight I took some time out to play D&D with my weekly group.

I’m playing a sorcerer who started the game as a blue half elf with amnesia blocking his memory of anything prior to the opening game session.

Over the span of the campaign (we’re now 16th level) “Dom” has recovered a portion of his memory and sleuthed out a great deal more of his history.

The full form of a young blue dragon spreading its wings menacingly.
The Young Blue Dragon Dominiralaerth Maruxragoth – Full Form Sketch

The truth is that he’s a blue dragon and was trapped (as part of a larger scheme) in the form of his blue half elf self.

In a recent session, we broke Dom out of his trapped form, and he’s once again a blue dragon (young). So now I’m having tons of fun sketching his ‘true’ form…