A sample of layout work I've done for ttrpg content in Google Docs.
A Sample of TTRPG Layout Work Done in Google Docs

It feels a little blasphemous to proclaim (as an illustrator) that I’m doing any kind of layout work in Google Docs, but the simple truth is that a) I am and b) it does the job I need done. For free.

Look, I’m not recreating the wheel here. I want the layout work to feel familiar to those who play ttrpgs. There’s a look and feel that have become the standard over the years, and I want to tap into that to make folks comfortable as soon as they see my stuff.

While doing work for IonQuest Games, I do the same thing.

Soon, I’ll be making a series of posts to describe how I do that in order to help folks out. Follow along here if you would like to see what / how I do that.

(Oh, and the above image is just a quick screen grab / rough sample. I usually save my work as PDFs for final products.)

Update 10/13/2023 – The first post about this is coming soon – The Quick and Dirty Layout in Google Docs!